ERAS II Update

First person shooting will no longer degrade nation status every shot (now matches third person behavior)

Fix for character group relations that can sometimes persist "forever" in enemy state when they shouldn't

Files 11 GB
Version 2.8.12 Jul 17, 2019

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Hello. I have trouble registering at the Buccaneers Reef forums so I hope you see my comment here. Playing this excellent mod, I picked William Kydd and began the english line quests. During the Morgan attack on Belize (with Morris and Jackman), I cannot damage the fort at all. Even though I only have 28 pounders on a 64 gun 3rd rater (maximum on the ship I have) I have been able to damage other forts such as at port royale when I left port for the morgan quest. I've sat there firing for several minutes firing at the Belize fort and absolutely no damage. I put on God mode and even switched to 28 lbs culverin..nothing. The NPC's cant damage the fort either and when directly ordered to attack, they flee to the ends of the map. Otherwise this has been a great mod for a great game.

 I tried in my own game and I see you are correct and can't do any damage to Belize fort at all.  Someone else also said that Martinique fort will suffer damage only to about halfway, then no more damage.  I had made a change to tracing efficiency, and had tested it on a couple forts with no problem, but now I see that there is some sort of difference between certain forts.

I sat down to troubleshoot and find that it is indeed only certain forts and was due to that new tracing efficiency. Found the issue, corrected, and as soon as it finishes compiling, I will update Itch. The problem was the engine, so just Maelstrom needed an update for this fix.  It is now uploaded, so you should find that you can now hit the Belize fort properly.

Thank you so much!!