ERAS II Update

Sea now shows from inside windows where was blackness

Fix Teno swim animations for underwater location changeanimation/defaultanimation

Cabin chest fix

Fix onload missing fix attribute set for cabin/7 and repel board

Add raindrops to day

Revert Lugger sails back to original

Fix BI main char dead ship image

Fix SwedishIndiaman taffrail flag

Fix Polacker sails

FishingFleet flee as group if hit/attacked

WM Encounters in direct sail ****If you use the world map, the last encounter positions are "remembered" and if you use direct sail mode toward the last known locations of the encounters (and storms), you will encounter them in direct sail too.  This is an option that can be disabled.

Remove sunk ships from memory when removed from BattleInterface

Ship swap flag refresh fix

Fix direct sail to different scale islands and better use directed investigation of nearest island ****There were some direct sail directions that would not work properly from the old GOF code used for island transitions. 
Notably, south from Jamaica to Portobelo, or West from Hispaniola to Cuba; this was corrected using directional orientation while traveling to find the true, closest, next island.

Revamp power/near ships calc to replicate GOF script code, but now handled in engine (efficiency enhancement)

Add missing 2nd ship name to "grapple with" message

ServiceLock day randomization, instead of always 5 days max for store, tavern crew, etc.

Fix AutoReloadSave sometimes overwriting with "Bad save"

Better post-boarding decisions based on commander, near friendly ships, remaining crew and enemy power, etc.

Fix companion rescue at sea

Fix ships sometimes firing upon surrendered and allocating new targets in case of dead/surrendered

Advance Sloop sail fix

Fix Pirate Hunter land encounter to disable alarm

Fix forts still firing on ships released/set free

Change radius for medium cabin chests

WatchFort AI now uses fort power vs. egroup's power

Greyhound ship rey sail correction

Move AI decisions for both PC enemy and non-enemy to be similar (non-enemy had no real AI...this will be further enhanced as we go forward)

Adjust nation ratios on WorldMap appearances

Adjust musket volley to give benefit to defending ship and for overwhelming forces

Fix alarm for land/fort assault

Tailor battle interface icon sizes based on actual screen resolution.

Files 11 GB
Version 2.8.0 Jul 15, 2019

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