ERAS II Update

Alarm Stop fixes

TradeToTeam bug fix

Fix cabin OnLoad/money/items change

Tortuga piratefriendly dialog fix (tavern)

Fix mayor bandit bug

Fix jungle patrol bug

Note: New content coming soon to ERAS II

Files 11 GB
Version 2.8.0 Jun 11, 2019

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Very good composition, but I am quite shocked at some unbalances there are in terms of AI. Here are some issues maybe you can pinpoint to see how I can start over and avoid:

- I chose a Spanish conquistador with a 32 gun ship. It is only my first 30 minutes in the game and after capturing a tiny lugger, I gained a level.. and I'm playing on the hardest level before Impossible difficulty. I then win 2 rounds of gambling at tavern and I gain a ship ability. I then decide to rob a French trader according to the tavern keeper's hint, and it turns out to be a MASSIVE battleship with probably 600++ crew. Wherever I loot (corpses, etc.) I find valuables, and high quality weaponry/armor. Game is making it too easy to find these things.

How do I adjust game settings to make it more challenging and make my player earn his way through the Caribbean rather than have everything at my doorstep?

I had same issue with New Horizons... everything is easy to achieve and gold especially. 

Maybe suggest another AOP mod from your directory which makes ranking and wealth amassing more challenging and fun and you have to earn your way to riches and respect, etc.?

Sea Dogs to each his own has that concept but I do not like the way the game is designed; poor mission development, etc.

This ERAS is very nicely designed but it's just this problem with imbalance that I can't get over with and I'm only 30 minutes into the game.

We have had suggestions along the way that the starting characters should have higher level, better ships, etc., so this conflicts with your desire to start lower and slower.

You can try the following: 

Select a lower tiered character.  The bios of each character contain a "Starting Conditions" where a brief summary of their starting loot/ships/level are highlighted, to give you an idea of what they will start with.  If you like the character Pardal and his items/ships, but don't like starting at Level 5 from the start, you can check the Disable Autolevel box at the start and Pardal will still start with the loot specified, but at Level 1 instead.

A high difficulty level will increase the stats of your enemy health, speed, damage dealt, and also the strength of enemy ships, and to some extent the loot on corpses, but not the frequency of shop/trader items.  You can slow down your rate of experience with another slider option -- left for low, right for higher.

There are several hundred items in the game, and they do have some settings to limit their availability based on your rank, and random frequency to make some more rarely show up, but some are very common.  I believe many of the basic books are common at level 1 because typically a starting char can't afford them in a shop, but then they easily show up as corpse loot because to date, there is no separation between frequency in store vs. loot.  Probably a worthwhile consideration to do so.

There are some other settings that might help tailor the experience more to your liking under the Menu, Options, lower right Mod Options...things like Realistic Ship Purchase, Realistic Damage, Less Powerful Skill Books (reduces bonus stacking), etc. If you modify those options at the main Menu, then OK, it should keep those as the defaults for your subsequent new games.  If you have already started a game, you must load a save from that game, then change the options as they are now specific to that save file; then save again.  However keep in mind that if under that same profile, if you load an older save, from before you changed those options, they are actually stored in the save game state, and they will still be the older settings you had;  After you save, all future saves will contain your new settings, but older saves will not.

I appreciate your feedback and we try to accommodate as much as we can, but we've noticed that player requests often directly contradict...some want it easier, some want it harder.  We'll do what we can, but we also don't really want 2,831,557 different configurable settings either, LOL.

Thanks for feedback.

Indeed I will try a lower level character next time.

I am quite shocked (in a positive way) on all the different customizations in building textures, different ship varieties, characters, officers available, tactical combat beauty, and many more.

Very nice work on this ERAS.

I must say though, killing enemies at this near impossible level is quite easy to be honest. On the other hand, if they do a heavy attack on me I die 95% of the time, but if you fight properly then you can easily kill your enemies given that you are facing one or two at the most.

I hope also in the near future to see a greater rework of economy to suit a more sophisticated supply/demand system which I assume is not going to be easy on a base game such as AOP.

Anyhow I look forward to the future of this game, and good luck.