ERAS II Update

Fix for options read for new/non-found option

Blood quest fixes for save-load problems with location attributes

Repel Boarding perk

CheckRunMode so strafe while running does not deplete energy

Duel/Insult changes

Camera from eyes change

Extend dead body timeout 5 minutes MOD_DEAD_CLEAR_TIME 300

Tortuga ship upgrades

Dead body locator mod for FastAction

Mouse scroll wheel control changes for commands to allow mapping

Sort for trade screen

New game sound fix

Fix Rapist/gang alarm, post-fight

Correct enemy sheathing during fight

Fix shipyard model for wrong object textures

Fix Portugal soldier models for Pirate quest shore encounters

Castelf spanker fix

Change citizen "seek friend" and port controller "journal" captain to not check flag if friendly flying

Lower boarding deck locator fixes

Unequip pistols for duels

Fix GOF/ERAS mod options table click and Portugal trade license

Files 11 GB
Version 2.8.0 Apr 18, 2019

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