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Fort/colony boarding soldier selection fix

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Version 2.8.0 Feb 26, 2019

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Sorry to post here instead of buccaneersreef, but the registration isn't working there... got the activation email, but it resulted in a 404 error on the site.  I'm a new user and I downloaded ERAS2 and BofC and set up all of the setup.ini and shortcut files to point to appropriate directories.  Everything works with BofC, but ERAS2 fails on a missing $language variable:

COMPILE ERROR - file: characters\QuestsUtilite.c; line: 1
Can't load file: TEXT\$language\characters\QuestsUtilite.h

I tried messing with config.exe and adding a variable in setup.ini, but there is no place to set language variable that I am seeing.

First, that web site has problems for new registrations (our deal with a web site developer went bad, so it has not been updated/fixed).  But there is a utility I can use to manually confirm your registration, so I did a search of pending users, found gnatd and manually accepted you, so if you can remember your user/pass that you used, it should work now.

Second, the $language is a new feature I added to help more easily adopt other translations.  If you are having the trouble you describe, I suspect you don't have the most current Maelstrom version that supports this new $language item, but rather you have an older version, before I added the feature.  Update to the newest Maelstrom version and this problem should disappear.

Will do.  Thank you.