ERAS II Update

Fishing fleet cost fixes

Fishing pirates change to pure neutral/no flag

Fix ambient ship/sea/rain sound resume post-battle

Bounty Hunter, Bold Privateers and Coastal Guard ship selection changes for more variety

Fix PGG dialog for when PC has no ship in "First time" dialog

Fix random bug of the doors in Bridgetown being locked/unlocked when door is needed for the Blood/Weston, Blood/Weaponsmith quest.

Fix house encounters for some of Blood Quest

Smuggler mission dialog/fight fix

Citizen/Port controller mission ship selection (variety)

Add crabs on seashores

AI/Merchant ship selection changes (variety)

Fix Duel/Tavern loading screen

Add boat to Pirate town dock (Bermudes)

Direct Aim cannons when certain gunner's items exist in player/gunner inventory (new feature)

Fix random bug for sea cameras during save-load

Fix music to go battle when firing on friendly fort

Other script code cleanup/condensing/efficiencies

Fix another ship swap bug

Hero personal flags for PC

Fix save-load select last free slot

Fix Galleon Legero cannons

Fix XebecLight cannons

Ship lights toggle on/off when daylight change while at sea

Fix lateen/spanker turn angle (new sail type)

Ships updated with new type:

  •     Barkentine
  •     Barque3
  •     Bermsloop
  •     BrigQeen
  •     BrigSW
  •     Duthlineship
  •     Galeoth2
  •     Galeoth_h
  •     Lugger
  •     LuggerVML
  •     Lugger_h
  •     Speedy
  •     Surprise
  •     Veinard

Files 11 GB
Version 2.8.0 Feb 24, 2019

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