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Add a check for light and heavy weapons in smuggler/bandit encounters

Fishing fleet price fix

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Version 2.8.0 Jan 09, 2019

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nothing to do my game keeps crashing while loading in combat in the city, although update could be that the problem is Windows 10?

I also tried with a new game the result is always the same ;( :( :(

Finally after several attempts I managed to go ahead of the attack in the city I had to do 10 failed attempts with continuous crashes as of 11 did not find any problems

I tried to recharge to see f the problem was solved I had to crash the game again 10 times before it could take me to the fight in the city, you know what could cause this problem?

surely now that you have fixed that thing seems to have resumed but still gives me problems

I'm not sure.  I was never able to get your last save to crash on my system during several attempts to enter the city, but did find some errors in the logs that I resolved in the update yesterday, but since they didn't cause me to crash, they may not be contributing to your problem and it might be something else.

You can try providing another save before entering a city.  But in addition, attack the city, and if it crashes, also send me the system.log, compile.log and an error.log file (if you see one).  Those 4 things and I'll see if I can recreate your problem.

since I'm a shit in information technology can you tell me where to find those 4 files you need?

Wherever you put the ERAS II files, there are directories for Program, RESOURCE, SAVE and a start.ini file that apply to the mod.  In that same directory is where you will find the system.log and compile.log file (and error.log if there is one).  If there are none, you will need to turn on the logging checkbox with Config.exe.  The SAVE directory will contain your save files for each profile name you have created.  the files you requested from me

Still unable to experience a crash myself.  I am sending this to someone else, with an AMD chipset to see if they have any problems.  I also have one other machine I can try, with a different operating system (mine is Win7) that I will also try when I can.  So far, I have not been able to get a crash to happen.  I also don't see any crash-related problems in the log files.

If my attempts to obtain a crash don't work out, I might need you to create a Windows Crash Dump file.  I will let you know if I need that and how to make one.


I am still waiting on that other person to try your fort/boarding save on an AMD machine.  But, I did try several times on a Win10 machine, using a standard Intel video chipset and did not have any crash trouble.  So your problem is still a mystery because I've been unable to reproduce your colony battle problem on any machine I have access to (Win7 on Intel, WinXP on Intel, Win10 on Intel), even with your save, or other attempts I've made in my own games where I've sacked various towns.

Good evening I would have a problem when I try to conquer a city proceed to the normal function of destroying the fort kill the soldiers of the fort and while I try to proceed to the city loading into the city the game suddenly closes someone know how to help me?

So the fort is destroyed, and now you use the "boarding" action to enter the city and proceed to the next fight?  If that is the case, can you send me a game save file from before you entered the city?  It is usually auto-created if you did not turn that feature off.  You can post it on a file sharing site and give me a link, or email me at

I will take a look at it and see what happens.

Also, what version of the Maelstrom.exe?  Is it 64 or 32 bit?

yes the game is closed when I proceed to the combat following the fort in a few words the fighting in the streets of the city

I see to load the save and put it on a link a little bit

I use the 64bit version

Played the save through several times.  I did not experience a crash myself, but I did note some errors in my logs, one about a bad model that could not be loaded and that can lead to crashes.  So I corrected that problem and updated Itch.  Download the latest ERAS II Update (the Itch client will do this automatically), then try to play through from that PeterBlood AutoSave you gave me.  Let me know how that goes for you.

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Hi guys! I just bought the maelstrom engine, installed it on a folder, placed the .exe in the mod folder and everytime I try to run it, I crash on startup (first loading screen before main menu). I installed everything, from both redist to the directx again, to the .ogg file, and even tried every single exe (directx 8, directx 9 32 and directx 9 64). I just can't make the game work. I have read the manual to get this started, did everything it says and still no luck. I just don't know what could be wrong. I'm not familiar with this web so I don't know if this is a good place to ask for help, but also I don't find any forums. I would appreciate any help

Edit: I also can't register on the bucaneer forum, cause the activation email doesn't work

We connected on Discord (also Buccaneer account enabled) and we got this resolved.  The latest update contains a fix that resolves game not launching and failing validation if Japanese language installed.