Eras II Launch

At long last, the ERAS II version, previously available to only to "Loyal" members of, is now open to everyone.

Sail your ship in the Caribbean, raid the merchants, attack the forts, loot the towns as a pirate, or, perform a hero's duty, and rid the scourge of piracy for the Crown.  Quests and missions abound, in the most historically accurate pirate game around; hundreds of ships, items, artifacts, and playable characters, of all creeds and backgrounds, including famous women and men during the Golden Age of piracy.

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Heya! a quick question, my game crashes when I am switching the ships while at sea plus the game won't launch though Itch. what should I do?

The switching ships at sea bug was presented to me earlier today and it should already be fixed.  I just uploaded the fix to Itch less than an hour ago, so make sure you update Maelstrom.  The game not launching through Itch is probably where you installed the game.  Itch installs don't allow me to modify paths in the shortcuts and manifest paths, so if you place the game/mods differently than the instructions, you will have to manually modify the shortcuts and manifest file.  There are some instructions/screenshots how to do that in the MaelstromSetup.pdf.  If that is not clear enough to follow, I can probably walk you through it.  But that might be easier real-time through Discord:

P.S. We are working on our own launcher that will deal with any mods you might have, so that Itch will simply launch-the-launcher, but that is not yet complete.  But when finished, should hopefully simplify things.  I just wasn't aware of how Itch operated, until we did it, so kinda learning the Itch peculiarities as I go.

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I don't think it should be a problem.  All of the mods and resource content have been available all over the internet for free, for years.  We are just providing the same mods for free here.  The only thing requiring payment is the rewrite of the engine, which was also provided over the internet for free, years ago.  Our legal counsel has told us that if that source was given out for free, but was substantially rewritten like we did, we can charge for our rewrite.

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We are not in violation of any laws, and this was legally vetted during a year-long process by our lawyers.  If you have any concerns regarding such, you may contact our legal counsel:

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