Maelstrom Update

x64 bit FMOD update to version 2.00.03 - 08/02/2019 Studio API minor release (build 103912)

x32 bit still using FMOD 1.10.15 because that is the latest version that still supports WinXP

Multisampling change for AA

Fix "glower" for mouse movement (see POTC/NH menu)

Remove formatted text message string limits

Fix AIFlowGraph too-large stack

Move ShipWalk array to heap

Replace array sort method for speed

Expand size of visible waves square and fix the rare gaps in sea textures during bumpier seas

Fix Walking deck sailors memory leak

Fix rare stack corruption crash

Bad ship model fix for load to not crash in case of wrong model

Fix DirectX 9 underwater scene to more closely match the original display

Implement render state management for speed

Files 164 MB
Version 95 Sep 06, 2019

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