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Remove CameraDialog.dll as it is unused and also contains hardcoded references to unavailable model files.

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Version 88 Jul 21, 2019

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I apologize if this is not the place to ask but, any ideas why, when using the Nvidia GPU to run the game, both the Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing options are incompatible with each other? It's either one or the other, but not both. It gives texture displacement issues when both options are on.

Thank you.

I don't know the specifics of why Nvidia does not work with both, but I would avoid post-processing because the code I see that implements that in the engine looks like it just an inferior way to acheive anti-aliasing as what it does is to take a copy of the current frame and a copy of the previous frame and blend the two together.  So what you get is a slightly smoothed edges, but also slightly blurry image.  I think the effect was put into the game back then because not all GPUs supported AA back when the game was first developed.  The original also did not even support AA and I was the one that added that as an option; I just left PP as an option just because I wanted the 32 bit to still support very old machines as far back as WinXP.

My suggestion is to ignore post-processing and just use AA  if you want smoothed edges.

I see but, is there any advantage, in terms of graphics, to using PP? Or, as you say, should I just ignore it?

No advantage I see; it's quite often graphically worse.  It is usually blurry because of the blending of a past frame and current.  Before AA, I assume they added the feature to give an illusion of softer edges, but it usually just makes the whole scene slightly blurry as a result.

Thank you for the clarification and keep up the excellent work. :-)