Maelstrom Update

Fix for certain forts not taking cannon damage properly.

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Version 84 Jul 18, 2019

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Thank you for fixing the fort damage. I was able to attack Belize for the Morgan quest...but I couldn't board/attack the fort after it surrendered/was destroyed, the allied landing icon did not appear.

Can you email me a save game after you accepted the mission from Morgan, but before the fort destroyed?  Or, if you have a save at Belize, the moment after the fort was destroyed will work too.  I will investigate.  Email is chezjfrey @ hotmail dot com.

Thanks for emailing the save game.  Using that save, I found this was a problem in the Maelstrom engine when I consolidated and removed some redundant loops.  I found the problem and fixed it; you will now be able to see the landing icon in that game.