Maelstrom Launch

At long last, the Maelstrom Engine, previously available to only to "Loyal" members of, is now available to everyone.

The best way to play those old Storm Engine games, is to replace the engine.  That's essentially what we've done.  Just a few points:

  • Too many bug and crash fixes to list.
  • Upgraded to DirectX 9 (still have original DX8 available, but with all other fixes/upgrades applied)
  • Upgraded FMOD and rewritten sound
  • Upgraded to 64 bit (still have 32 bit available)
  • Upgraded memory allocation to reduce the horrible fragmentation

One other significant feature, is that the Maelstrom Engine, can play ALL the other previous games, including those based on POTC, Caribbean Tales and COAS; this one engine can play them all...a feat no other offering can provide.

Get Gentlemen of Fortune: Maelstrom

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Will there be support for Russian and other languages besides English?