Maelstrom Update

Fix for camera passing through windows, or viewport extending to exterior of wall intersect.

Files 322 MB
Version 307 Oct 20, 2022

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Is it possible to download update without payment? I paid once.

Yes.  Itch platform takes care of that, where any updates are free for any software you already paid for.  Just sign in with the same account.  It's much easier to manage with the Itch client installed on your machine so it will take care of updating only files that are changed each update, rather than downloading the entire thing each time.

Thank you, I coped with that but I have a question.

I installed Maelstrom a few months ago like here:
(9) Age of Pirates 2 COAS (GOF 2.8 Maelstrom/ERAS 2) Installations Tutorial - YouTube

If I want to install update, all I need is just to cope whole folder and replace as it was installed?

Yes, you can just copy/replace Maelstrom.

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Thank you, I did it.
Any changelog what was changed? To have new changes shall I start a new game or I can continue my save with some changes from latest patch?

Does it work if I take the latest update and do this for older versions? I haven't been updating for a few months.

This change was to improve the camera so it doesn't view outside walls.  It does not require any new game.  All updates are cumulative, so you only need the most recent one and it will include all previous changes.