Maelstrom Update

Multithread particles

x64 bit FMOD update to version 2.00.06- 11/20/2019 Studio API minor release (build 106220)
x32 bit FMOD update to version 1.10.18 - 11/20/2019 Studio API minor release (build 106230)

Asynch log file fixes/changes

Dynamic size various static-sized arrays for extensibility/avoid possible crashes

QuestText subid feature

Revert fader/dialog fix and change to script-side solution instead

AIShip object destruction change to also extract/destroy some other objects for better destruction ordering

Sound stopall fixes for music

Fix Sailor delete to actual remove upon ship object destruction and add PEOPLE_ON_SHIP for backward/deprecated support

WinXP fixes for 32 bit

Music not found error log added back to debug logs

[main] subsection Config.exe fix

Other various fixes...

Upgrade memory allocator from version 3.x to 5.x for 64 bit; 32 bit remains the same for WinXP support

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Version 104 Nov 29, 2019

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