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Version 1.2.0 Jan 22, 2020

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Good evening.

Im doing a 1.2 run at the moment, and so far there were several issues; most notable:

- Brothel madamme graphics are very strange (pinochio nose, etc.)

- I was being chased by 2 enemy military squadron, so I dragged to a nearby fort area and when I try to board the ships, the screen turns into a view of the sea without any movement; save file:


Although you are focusing on ERAS mainly, I completely understand; but the issue with the ship boarding - any ideas on what caused it and what to do to avoid it?

Yes, if things are broken, I will attempt to fix them, regardless of the mod.  In your GOF 1.2 boarding case, I loaded the file and the system.log actually tells us the problem:

Ptc("E:\GOF1.2\RESOURCE\models\locations\decks\deckMediumVSBig\deckMediumVSBig_pn.ptc") -> file not found

deckMediumVSBig is the boarding model of the ship decks used during the boarding battle for the particular ship you are boarding and the .ptc files are what is called the "character patch" that indicates all the "walkable" surface for the characters.  The _pn portion of the name indicates for night boarding and a _pd is for day, because sometimes the "day" model and "night" models used might contain some items lying about that affect where one would walk (not always the case, but this was the option they provided in their game design).  Turns out, this particular model had a _pd for day, but was missing a _pn for night.  I suspect it was an oversight of the model designer, because I checked GOF 2.0 and GOF 2.5 and they were also missing this same file.  Since I have no idea how to model these things myself, I simply copied the day _pd file and renamed it _pn.  It is now uploaded to Itch and you can update GOF 1.2, 2.0 and 2.5 for this fix.

Not sure about the brothel madames...I checked Tortuga and Port Royal and don't see what you describe.  Is it a particular madame?

I see

The madamme maybe Martinique or Charlestown - I will make a save file when I play later today

Please find the save file for Charleston brothel; in this case the entire screen was exploded from the madamme's graphic texture; in other cases, her nose was very long and crossing the edge of the screen while her clothes crossed the other edge


I figured this out.  Somewhere along the line I screwed up GOF 1.2 by accidentally copying the ERAS character init scripts into GOF 1.2.  I have no idea when that happened, but comparing an older copy of GOF 1.2 and seeing how different they were, I took a guess and compared to ERAS and yep...near match, but yet that should not be; the models and animations for certain characters are changed in ERAS and don't match, even if the names are the same because many model files were renamed and/or swapped in ERAS.

Anyway, I corrected GOF 1.2 back to what it should be, and added a save-file-on-load function to correct it for games that are already started.  If you get the current update for GOF 1.2, load that save, it should correct itself; I tested it myself and fixes the problem.  Sorry for the confusion and trouble I caused with this error...totally my fault.

No worries; mistakes always happen.

Anyhow, apart from the less characters to play with and less NPC characters in the world game, is there much difference between 1.2 and ERAS?